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Why Knovvmads? The members of our magazine’s team define themselves as knowledge nomads. Thusly Knovvmads is born. It is a publication striving to satisfy inquisitive minds seeking answers, traveling the globe through inspiring stories from the real world. We are Knovvmads because we create anywhere. We are roving, dynamic, and innovative collaborators committed to the communities we serve; much like todays’ librarians. We are Knovvmads because we prize knowledge, and understand there is no greater wealth. Hence, we are devoted to the sharing of knowledge through the articles, reports and chronicles that we publish.

For those of us immersed in the arts of storytelling, there exists a magic letter. It is foundational. It precedes the five pillars of any great tale: the what, who, why, when and where. For this reason, we have chosen to highlight the W in Knowmads, as if it where our business card. 

The W can be further broken down to its architectural elements. It is the union of two V’s. This is fitting. Knowmads ‘Value Veracity’ above all else, when determining the five ‘W’s of any account. It is also our stated mission to give faculty to voices from across North America and around the world. While our focus is on libraries, compelling stories can happen anywhere.

We would like to hear from you.  We delight in lending a voice to anyone who has a tale to relate, be it a librarian, ley person, writer, thinker or anyone with a suggestion for our team of Knowmads to report regarding any of the fine arts or culture. We invite you to join our team as a fellow Knowmad, on this adventure of knowledge and discovery and welcome your participation on this great journey.

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