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Wayback: Miles to go before you read

As David Kelsey, president of ABOS said, ever since there was a library, some sort of outreach service has been around. They have demonstrated their relevance during troubled times. The Pack Horse Library Initiative is not yet a hundred years old yet the black and white photographs of that time makes you think it’s from a distant past. Even back then, the librarians would say that going to Kentucky was like time traveling. They would visit zones without electricity and running water. It was so hard to get there that efforts to provide any infrastructure were unthinkable for the local authorities given the economic crisis being faced by the whole country then.

When basic services aren’t available, they compromise other opportunities for the population. The rate of illiteracy was rising and worrisome. Librarians would also teach people to read as well as offer read aloud services for the community. St. Cloud Times, a newspaper from Saint Cloud, Minnesota collected the testimony of a 7 year old injured boy that said to a librarian: “Learn me to read and then I won’t be lonesome no more”. […]

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