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Turn the page to travel

Even if the library seems like an island of stillness, movement is always present. Not just in the turning of the pages or the wandering between the shelves. It really is a place where everything moves: the desire to know, the ability to dream and, of course, the urge to travel. 

Beyond the sedentary walk that a book encourages, the library awakens all kinds of wanderings. Either those that actually move around the world or those who take a seat while their unrestless minds move anywhere. For over a decade, librarians from the NYPL have been curating content for The ticketless traveler, a section on their website. The recommendations are organized by destination or topic. Books, movies, music, maps and other materials are carefully selected for each post. It is a great source to design a travel experience but what else can be done for travel purposes in our libraries? Let’s figure it out. […]

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