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Talents in orbit - Thomas Guignard

Talents in orbit: Thomas Guignard

Thomas Guignard’s photographs were described by The Guardian as “a love letter to city libraries”. After scrolling through his Instagram account I realized that was pretty accurate. His great eye combined with his knowledge on both subjects (libraries and architecture) deliver fascinating takes of symmetry, natural light and atmospheres. Knovvmads had the opportunity to talk with Thomas, a Swiss librarian and photographer spreading the library love one snapshot at a time.

How did you begin to make photographs of libraries? 

Early in my career, I was fortunate to work at the ambitious Rolex Learning Center in Lausanne, Switzerland. which is now eleven years old. By then, I had advanced to a management position within the library. The new library project was an opportunity to make things differently. Since we were merging all the campus libraries into this building, we could start to redefine how we were doing things, from new services to classification of the materials. As we worked on this project, we started visiting learning centers in Delft, Glasgow and other early examples of this new thinking on how academic libraries should be. During these travels I would take pictures just as a reference. I had been interested in photography since my PhD, but never really focused on architecture until then. As I started researching the libraries I was visiting more, trying to analyze how the building worked and how we could reproduce this in our own library, I gradually became more fascinated with architecture. […]

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