Pairings. I hear America sing


(…) It could be said, that the sixties, a mythic decade for counterculture and rock, was a long decade that did not end with the revolutions of 1968; nor, when the Beatles separated in 1970. In rock terms, the prodigious decade of the sixties ended on the 25th of November 1976. A handful of wandering Canadians.

The Band, closed out their careers in the company of an irreproducible ensemble of rock music of the time: Van Morrison, Ringo Star, Ron Wood, Eric Clapton, Muddy Waters, Neil Young, Joni Mitchel and Bob Dylan. The following day, the Sex Pistols published their single, Anarchy in the UK. Nothing would ever be the same again. 

The arrival of punk opened the door, ending the moratoriums on nihilism, destructive anarchy of cynicism and irony, in contrast to an innocence and hope for the future that had marked the coming of the counter- culture. It also marks a change in sound, becoming grungy and abrasive, and of the very manner of thinking about rock as a social form and art. The Band’s farewell concert, The Last Waltz, was filmed by Scorsese in San Francisco’s Winterland, the first venue in which they had played under that name. The set design borrowed props from a presentation of La Traviata in the local opera, and some palatial chandeliers. There’s a decadence to the eagerness of the effort to give rock an air of respectability. (…)



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