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You’re doing great!

Books are usually the best tool available to offer comfort. If we are at a loss for words, we have the certainty that someone else has said it before and possibly better. We turn to books to connect with the feelings of others, to have something to talk about or simply to share the joy that a specific title caused us.

Despite confinement or any of the sanitary measures adopted in every corner of the planet, books continue to bring people together, even through screens. We have seen the effort and dedication that librarians and book sellers have put into continuing to serve their community. Adapting has not been entirely easy but it certainly became a necessity to stay afloat.

Throughout history, the business of books has hardly persecuted wealth, at least not in the terms of money. However, this shouldn’t be a reason to struggle. Nowadays it might be tiring to hear how resilient the book industry is. Sometimes it seems that everybody says “Well, they always make it out of this” but, shouldn’t things be easier for us?

As places of the third space, libraries and bookstores allow us to connect between people. The books really are an excuse. We arrive at one of these places looking for a specific title or topic but we end up finding unexpected things. Surprise is a factor that distinguishes these book places. Even if we visit them very determined not to be distracted from our purpose, it is inevitable that on some occasion we will surrender to their charms.

For our coming issue we had the chance to talk with some booksellers that have made a difference in their communities. Librarians shared with us the ways the profession is changing nowadays with the purpose of making the institution more welcoming for everyone, from workers to customers. Make sure to check out our books and films recommendations. They can be great getaways at home or a shared reading if you are still practicing social distancing.

Everybody has been struggling with this pandemic. Today we mourn and feel the loss of an unprecedented number of people. Please honor those lives taking care of yourself and others. We need to celebrate life while taking care of it. Support your local bookstore and spread the library love all around.

Our cover declares:  “You’re doing great!”; manifesting our desire to instill a sense of hope and gratitude for your resilience and advocacy. Because of your collective effort, many people have reconnected with libraries; You’ve reignited a passion for exploration through innovation.  Even though last year forced many people to lean into discomfort, your dedication granted access to trusted programs, culture, and services. You’ve restored hope, and with that, driven public consciousness to appreciate the vital role of Libraries across communities. 

You’re on the right path.

You’re doing great.

You deserve great stories along the way. 

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