Nothing is free, not even the Library.

(…) Celia Hodent is the brains behind the development of one of the most successful video games of all time, Fortnite. This is no accident. Hodent has a PhD in cognitive psychology, a skill set that makes her uniquely adept as the Director of User Experience (UX) Design for Epic Games. In the interviews Hodent has given, she indicates the apparent cost free semblance of many video games is a trap. Once the bait is taken, interest is captured and the player is engaged, in app fees become necessary to continue the user experience. It is only after a fee is paid that add-ons broadening the possibility of triumph, and therefore continued play, become available.This is a lesson in capitalism for the millions of gamers absorbed by the screens. Hodent laments, the industry does not sufficiently discuss ethical limits in video games. It remains to be seen whether, Hodent like the creators of engrossing social networks, ends up apologizing for her collaboration in the alienation of new generations captured on digital screens. But, as she herself says: “The notoriety heaped on video games was once shared by cinema, television and comics.”(…)

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