Knovvmads Magazine

Knovvmads a Magazine for 21ST Century Librarians

The Knovvmad, Celso Figueroa, Knovvmad in Chief, and David Padilla, Chief Business Knovvmad, at the head of this exploration, departed Miami on the 23rd of February, in route to the Public Library Association (PLA) Convention scheduled to take place in Nashville from the 25th through the 28th of February 2020. 

Knovvmads is born of a vocation to provide physical and digital services to the libraries of the United States. It is backed by twenty years of experience and wants to become a channel of communication directed to all of those who can conceive libraries as an open space without barriers, places for encounters and social exchanges, creative laboratories, places of innovation and engine of change for the local community, that third space that so many American libraries have already become for their neighbors.  

During the four days, the team met Jennifer Pearson, the President of the Association of Rural Libraries was wonderful. She is the central figure of one of the current magazine’s feature stories. That same day we welcomed a visit from Joyce Cooper and her group from the Los Angeles Library. Libraries from virtually all states were present. Edenia Hernandez and her group from the North Miami Beach library were a joy to meet, as were groups of librarians representing Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, California, Florida, Chicago, New York, Alabama, to name a few. We shared our future projects with all of them and some of the most important companies in the sector, like Bibliotheca, Baker and Taylor, Ingram, Overdrive, Quin Evans and TMC Furniture, among many others.

In launching Knovvmads Magazine, it was understood we would be competing with great publications of exceptional quality, primarily the Journal of the American Library Association. Even so, the enthusiasm with which our project was received gave us a great boost of energetic optimism and “made it evident to us we were headed in the right direction”, said Figueroa. 

Our objective was the public presentation of our new business project, Knovvmads, the flagship magazine of the enterprise by the same name, Knovvmads. But COVID got in the way and the whole project had to spend a few months in a drawer. The publication will come to market in the Fall, with the intent of reaching libraries in every territory of the United States. Knovvmads will be published quarterly and will contain within it everything relating to libraries and their contents, and of course their workers, their accomplishments, their advances and needs. “The new magazine wants to amplify the voices of all librarians whether they come from large institutions or small, far away rural libraries and tell all those stories that make American libraries even larger” points out Padilla. With its arrival in the market the Knovvmads team faces a challenge it is assuming with as much responsibility as illusion. 

More information in your libraries soon.