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Love in the Times of Coronavirus

At Knovvmads, we’re aware of the unique challenges that the coronavirus pandemic presents to librarians around the world. Librarians have had to adapt to these new circumstances, promptly reinventing their services to continue to support their communities. We’ve been witnessing how you’ve been improving your digital lending platforms. We’ve seen you organizing online storytelling activities, supporting hotlines, offering library takeout service and even employing drones to deliver books.

These are uncertain times and that is why we invite you to send a message, a love letter if you will, to fellow librarians. Just click on the map [pink “+” button], indicate your location [address or institution], and leave your words of encouragement and hope that will inspire joy to other librarians worldwide. It’s easy and it’s beautiful.

Post your love letter for another librarian in the time of coronavirus and explore the love letters from other librarians to you.

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Where does this initiative come from?

In the first issue of our magazine, you will read one of the stories that has moved us during this pandemic from a library in Medellín, “Love in the Times of Coronavirus” It is based on and is a tribute to Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s novel, “Love in Time of Cholera,” with the purpose of promoting communication and social connection between patrons during the necessary “stay-at-home” order. Bibiana Alvarez, Head of the Comfenalco Antioquia Library, explains all the details in this video, check it out! We hope you enjoy it and leave your message of inspiration for another librarian.

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