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Library Bookworm

Library Bookworm: Steven Frost

Steven Frost is an artist and media studies professor at the University of Colorado-Boulder. They are an instructor for the Library of Boulder and just recently became the Vice Chair of the Library Commission of the City of Boulder.

How did you start to collaborate with the public library?

When I moved to Boulder, Colorado, the Maker Space hadn’t been opened yet, it was being developed. Janet Hollingsworth was working with the library to open it. When I met I asked her if she had anybody for a fiber program and she said “no, what do you think?”.

Back then I was collaborating with Carole Frances Lung, an artist that had a project called Sewing Rebellion that went for 10, 15 years. She proposed to do a franchise in Colorado. So I proposed it to Janet and started to develop a program for it. Before this sewing was a part of me but not essential for my studio practice. Having this program set it off and became really important.

The program has now changed its name to Colorado Sewing Workshop. We wanted to expand the scope of what could be done with sewing. There would be times we had 50 persons in the room doing stuff. Each month would have a project with an essential ability in sewing. It was great to build a community around creativity. […]