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Libraries break the silence on violence against women

Starting from the shared notion of the Library as a Social Infrastructure and gathering point, I also acknowledge Libraries as care places because they provide support for people’s lives.

During the lockdown because of Covid-19 pandemic, calls to domestic and gender violence hotlines have raised up to 60% in most countries. Women and children, among other specific groups of people, have been kept inside with their abusers. There’s no safe place to go and little help has been provided.

The American librarian, R. David Lankes, affirms that the librarian must “be an agent of radical positive change within his community”. It is one of the main voices that warns about the non-neutrality of libraries.

If you want to design a program of activities that contributes to raising awareness about this problem, I must insist in recognizing that libraries are not neutral. Much of the relevance of public libraries lies in taking a decisive and often radical stance as a key public space for democracy that transforms lives.

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