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Librarians recommend: Geoguessr

Thomas Guignard 

When the novelty of the first pandemic-induced lockdowns dissipated, and as it became increasingly evident that all travel plans would need to be scrapped for the foreseeable future, I found myself looking for ways to keep exploring the planet. On a friend’s recommendation, I soon joined the ranks of stuck-at-home globetrotters and armchair explorers on geoguessr. The game, which exists since 2013 but really took off during the pandemic, drops players in an unknown location on Google Street View. Their task is to guess where on the planet they are, and pinpoint the location as precisely as possible on a map. Hit it within a few meters and you’ll win the elusive maximum of 5,000 points, any further and your score diminishes.

The Library is located in a former train garage. Its name comes from this fact but also because it gave a more attractive term instead of just calling it a library. At the beginning, no walls or panels were added to the structure. It was furbished mainly with second hand furniture. This gives the library it’s cozy atmosphere but the staff is also welcoming and warm. After listening to the needs, three rooms were created: a quiet room for reading and studying, a room for computers and a meeting room anyone can use with prior reservations. Just recently, the teens room had been called “The Fantastic Fantasy Room” but is now under renovation after listening to the desire of the young patrons to change it. […]

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