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LA Librería

LA Librería is an amazing bookstore located in Los Angeles, California. Their specialty is offering great books in Spanish for kids. However, their market is not restricted to latinos but also to people interested in bilingualism and Spanish as a second language. The business grew step by step. In their journey, they have partnered with different organizations, including public and school libraries all over the country.

Knovvmads had a conversation with Chiara Arroyo and Celene Navarrete, owners of LA Librería, a place where people connect and carry out connections elsewhere through books and culture. It’s not only libraries that change people’s lives, also bookstores do it through engagement and relationships around the written word.

[…] Libraries and Bookstores share the same challenge because we serve the same community. Bookwise and culturally, there’s a lack of Spanish offering even for a city like Los Angeles which has such a large latino population. As a parent you would have an afternoon free but struggled in finding something. At that time, few libraries had some storytelling in Spanish but focused in early ages. Librarians would come to LA Librería to buy books and develop collections, participate in our panels regarding LAPL actions for latino communities. We became partners in crime in that way.

It’s true that it’s not easy as we are for profit and they are non-profit, there’s always understanding and respect in the duties. This is the first festival that promotes bilingualism and does it beyond books: concerts, workshops, storytellers. […]