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In twenty years, the greater part of the population comprising the baby boomers born during the decades of the fifties and sixties of the past century will belong to what has been referred to as the age of retirement, or as it is termed in Spain: The Third Age. If libraries (or whatever they’ll be called then)

We are excited to share this interview with Noah Lenstra, leader of an initiative that has stolen our Knovvmad heart: “Let’s Move in Libraries.” More and more public libraries are committed to supporting healthy living and this is amazing. This project helps public libraries make and keep these commitments by helping librarians discover new program ideas, sharing

Libraries specialized in comics and graphic novels from around the world There is no doubt that Hollywood is the industry that best understands how to turn a few prizes into a giant marketing campaign. Since 1929, when the major studios created the endogamic awards with which to promote themselves; many industries have copied their great idea. But, none

In her tale, The Vocabulary of balconies, the Spanish writer, Almudena Grandes, narrates a story of love between two neighbors. Two young people who discovered each other from their balconies. That dialogue of looks and gestures between them, has recently become the language of millions in many countries around the world.  Windows of New York the project of

Culture is energy; never destroyed but perpetually transformed. Rick Dalton, the B-movie actor portrayed by Leonardo Di Caprio in ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ (2019), accepts his role in a Spaghetti Western as an unequivocal sign of the decline of his career. Years later those films, shot in Europe in imitation of the American film genre, would