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Many places have spectacular libraries, sometimes more beautiful and attractive than the documents they store. Others do not count on that beauty but we still consider them safe places, that treasure the knowledge you desire, develop the imagination you thought waned lethargic or they provide you with hours of uninterrupted pleasure. You can travel to libraries or

From the Editor’s Desk I don't usually practice many rituals but since I discovered this book, I read it in full before traveling. This is Theory of Travel. The Poetics of Geography by Michel Onfray, a French philosopher that I read since college. In this work he explores the concept of travel. From his philosophy, he considers that

Surrounded as we may be by digital servants: they are already delayed in making an adaptation of Jean Genet's "The Maids" with Alexa and Siri as protagonists. A, How's the service! automated (with supporting roles by Roomba and iRobot): or technological re-envisioning of 'The Servant (1963) by Joseph Losey: depending on whether the story decants as drama

It wouldn’t be fair to celebrate women just for a day or a month. Their participation in sustaining life happens every second. Their attention and sense of responsibility make a difference in the commitment of leaving no one behind. Here’s a preview of what our female collaborators in issue #1 have been doing in their jobs and

Books are usually the best tool available to offer comfort. If we are at a loss for words, we have the certainty that someone else has said it before and possibly better. We turn to books to connect with the feelings of others, to have something to talk about or simply to share the joy that a

I love love almost as much as I love libraries. While I still worked as a librarian, I used to take some strides throughout the building and often saw love pouring in silence. Once a young man surprised his girlfriend with roses. Couples would always lay together under tree shades in the gardens. Others would catch the

Many of those who are able to do so, have made the decision to transfer or move to their summer homes on the coast. During the dark start of a new year, proximity to the ocean may appear to provide some normalcy and security. If we were inclined to wax lyrical in this blog, which is not

In late 2019, Suzanne Macaulay, a Knovvmad from New York that we admired, had been preparing a series of workshops aiming to encourage librarians to pursue optimism in the workplace. Her approach was centered upon the library as a hub for community engagement where librarians and patrons alike fostered a strong support system, valued active listening, and

A Knovvmad in practice is a person with an unquenchable thirst for adventure, a curious soul, a penchant for exploration  with great courage when embracing change. Today we welcome April Griffith, a Knovvmad hailing from the Diamond State, Arkansas.  While building community at Eureka Springs Carnegie Library, April has demonstrated how sustainability, empathy and stewardship are key factors