Jennifer Pearson. President of Association for Rural and Small Libraries and Library Director at Marshall County Memorial Library.

(…) In any community it is critical for the library director to be a known community advocate. If the people know that you¡ are involved and passionate about the community, they are more likely to see the library as a valued community asset. In small places is it usually easy to become involved. In my case,
I am involved in our Rotary Club, I am on several city and County advisory boards and I work hand-in-hand with our economic development office. There really is no material difference in how library directors are seen based on library size. The difference is all up to the director. Some are very good at community involvement and it’s harder for others. I don’t think anyone goes into the library field thinking that they need to become a community activist. But if you are a director – it’s part of the job. (…)




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