Interview Kinsey Marable

Kinsey Marable. The Library Maker.

We’ve seen them in thousands of movies and design magazines, those American mansions with two living rooms, an enormous kitchen, large bedrooms on the second floor and a library with a view of the garden. The library has shelves that cover the walls from floor to ceiling, comfortable sofas where you can lay out to read and a table where you can work or take notes.The shelves display beautiful books, some of them first editions of the best of world literature. The array of subjects is vast covering subjects from the art of gardening to global gastronomy, reflecting the owner’s tastes, who we imagine has been collecting these select works for years, or not. Because now you must imagine there’s a man who’s work consists of this: assembling private libraries for individuals with very defined tastes who either do not have the time, or simply do not know where to go to assemble a library such as this. That man is Kinsey Marable, an old employee of Goldman Sachs that twenty-seven years ago decided to turn his life around when he discovered the wonderful world of antique books during his working stays in London. Since then he has created and organized dozens of libraries for all types of clients and in every part of the world; the United States, Paris, London, Spain and Australia.

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