Interview Jackie Rueda


Jackie Rueda

(…) When I was nineteen years old and studying journalism in Caracas. I began to work in the library. I was the only employee and there were no visitors. I spent hours and hours alone. One day, some children, six and seven years old, came in to investigate. Their mothers were playing cards next door. I was so happy
to finally see someone that I was capable of anything to keep them from leaving. I brought out the best stories and read to them with ridiculous voices. After that day, more and more children arrived. They’d finish fencing or swimming classes and would run to the library. We did tons of activities and games during those months, crafts, art… I bought the supplies with my own money and we had a sort of club. Curiously, the mothers never step foot in the library to meet me. But, the two years I spent with that group of kids were unforgettable. (…)



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