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Every day is International Women’s Day

It wouldn’t be fair to celebrate women just for a day or a month. Their participation in sustaining life happens every second. Their attention and sense of responsibility make a difference in the commitment of leaving no one behind. Here’s a preview of what our female collaborators in issue #1 have been doing in their jobs and daily life.

Cindy Hohl (Santee Sioux) has been the president of AILA since last summer. She’s a leader with key ideas on how to transform the workplace in a more welcoming experience. Having this changes done from the inside, both personal and collective, really become relevant on the outside. It might be hard but heroes don’t question their commitment, do they? Cindy’s insights might definitely shine a light on your role as a leader or even inspire you to become one. 

Celene Navarrete and Chiara Arroyo went from enthusiastic moms to committed booksellers when deciding to get in charge of having great books in Spanish for bilingual communities. They met while volunteering at their children’s school. First they offered book fairs. Chiara’s garage served as warehouse but the volume of books kept rising and they were in need of a new space. Their next space was opening a Showroom to receive librarians and teachers interested in developing bilingual collections at their workplace. However, interest grew and the need of a formal bookstore couldn’t be delayed anymore. That’s how LA Librería grew as a service and passion.

As many of us, Janet Skeslien Charles has realized how often females’ role in history has been erased or undermined. In her novel The Paris Library, she tells the story of brave females that took charge of the conservation of freedom in a broad sense. Her inspiration came from a neighbor of hers in Montana and the brave story of Dorothy M. Reeder, director of the American Library in Paris during World War II. This two amazing women became leading characters of a novel where their stories interwine.

If you’ve been missing the excitement of a trip, Carolina Raymundez grabs you by the hand to join her narration of her experience in traveling. In her article, she shares the emotions and risks of crossing frontiers that are often surrounded by uncertainty. However, she has overcome guards and policemen hostility in order to arrive to her destination.

Wonder how have American bookstores been dealing with the pandemic? This is a story brought by Silvia Olaño who brings us stories about their struggles and adaptation to new formats. She also celebrates the relationship between bookstores and libraries, which are really allies in the mission of caring for their communities.

People often believe they don’t belong to libraries. This is usually related to a very strict concept of such places. Alejandra González from Libraries Without Borders shares with us how this organization has been changing the relationship of people with the libraries by bringing them to where they actually are.

Have you ever been surprised by the results provided after a search in your library catalog? Alejandra Méndez shines a light on how bias operates in algorithms that bring back results when conducting a library search.In the end, human operation lies underneath the data provided to the search engine. How can we fight bias in those systems?

We thank everyone of you providing a hospitable service in your library, pursuing a more critical profession and sharing passionate stories that inspire us. Paraphrasing Ursula K. Le Guin: women change geographies… and libraries too. 

Library Globetrotter based in Mexico, speaking her mind and spreading Library Love on Social Media.