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Enchanting Libraries. Austin Public Library

Libraries transform cities. Not only on the landscape but in taking in the desires of the citizens and making them happen. The recent building for the Central Library in Austin, Texas was part of a major move in the redevelopment of the neighborhood but also responded to the growth of the city.

The library was already small by the 80’s. The discussions of the building started at that time. It was in 2006 when a compromised Library Commission proposed a $90 million budget that was then approved by voters. 

Community feedback was needed to deliver an appropriate library. Citizens were worried about making the library a green space. This included having gardens but also having sustainable facilities. Every person involved in the development of the project committed to include that desire in the plans. 

While the library was opened to the public in 2017, a year later it received a Leed Platinum Certification. Among many geen solutions, the Roof Garden on top of the 6 floor building with amazing views over downtown is one of the favorite futures. The building has a rain collection system that is reused for flushing urinals and watering the gardens. The cistern that collects it was repurposed from another building. Energy is generated from different elements in the library like elevators and solar panels. 

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