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Conversation is a library service

Conversation is a library service

We are used to oral presentations, which are generally objective and previously prepared. The library has space for improvisation and intimacy in the sense of having private experiences in a shared public place. Orality is a different way of spreading knowledge and conversation is key to learning. A kind of rhythm develops between speech and silence that alternate while talking with others.

The way of learning is given by what is dictated in the class, the rigid agendas and the limited time. We often speak of significant learning but how can we measure it? The standardization of the educational system does not admit a “like” or “I care” as an indicator of achievement. There is also no place for passions, always overflowing when something matters to us. Making room for intimate experiences can make a difference. It is also an alternative that can always implicate the appearance of printed books through exhibitions or read aloud. This is how we link life with the page. […]

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