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Cindy Hohl

The American Indian Library Association (AILA) received Cindy Hohl (Santee Sioux) as President last summer. She is the Director of Branch Operations at The Kansas City Public Library. We reached out to talk about race and discrimination in libraries and librarianship. Her experience has brought attention to the role leaders have in transforming the institution as well as their services.

What’s your story? Please tell us when and why did you decide to become a librarian.

Like many who choose librarianship as a second career, I was recruited to the field by another librarian. My husband is a second-generation librarian and I always admired his career satisfaction, so his appeal was welcomed when he presented me with the opportunity to consider the reality of this calling. I am currently the Director of Branch Operations at the Kansas City Public Library where I support branch teams at eight of our ten locations, and I am also President of the American Indian Library Association. Librarianship is a fulfilling career path for my endeavors, and I enjoy working with colleagues across the country through my work with ALA and as a member of the Steering Committee on the Joint Council of Librarians of Color.  […]

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