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An interview with David Kelsey

David Kelsey is the president of ABOS, the Association of Bookmobile and Outreach Services. His regular job is at the St. Charles Public Library in Illinois. With his team, he coordinates the seniors services for the library, serving homebound patrons and those who live in senior facilities. His experience in bringing the library outside it’s four walls moved us to have a conversation with him.

In your own words, what’s the Outreach Service like in St. Charles Public Library?

We bring materials, DVDs to homebound seniors that can’t leave their homes as well as visit senior facilities where we bring materials and programming. Before the pandemic, we would present about 30 programs a month in about 8 different senior facilities in the community. It’s a great program, it makes their lives better and really reaches out. Seniors are a very overlooked and underserved demographic, so it’s always great to serve and make an impact on their lives.

As the current demographic is growing, the baby boomers, people that now are between their 60’s and 80’s need to be more on the focus of Senior citizens, specially to meet the demands of a growing senior population. I feel that a lot of libraries are just getting their program started. This is something that really needs to be boosted, especially as we serve this huge generation that is growing all over the country. You have to realize senior citizens are your patrons even though they can’t come to the library or might be living in a senior facility.

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