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Get to Know Alejandra Quiroz, Editorial Director at Knovvmads

2021 has brought us many changes and a sense of renewed energy. As we prepare to embark on riveting adventures throughout 2021, we’ve welcomed aboard a librarian we deeply admire and a Knovvmad at heart.  We believe that she possesses a revolutionary perspective on how libraries, education, and culture intersect; and trust that her insight will surprise you! 

We’ve interviewed Alejandra Quiroz, so that you can catch a glimpse into her universe and understand why we are already in love with her.  

Who is Alejandra Quiroz?

I’m Alejandra Quiroz Hernández, born and raised in Mexico City. Although I studied Philosophy, I’ve worked in libraries ever since I finished University. Almost 12 years in the business. My best experience was working as the Educational Services Coordinator at Vasconcelos Library in Mexico City for almost 3 years. I define myself as a library globetrotter because libraries can tell a lot about the cultural and social health of a city.

Tell us about your vision for LIS (Library and Information Science).

Before going to the University, my mom suggested LIS as a career. I ditched it because the study plan wasn’t very appealing in my country. However, my first job was as a School Librarian for Middle and High School students. It felt challenging but it made me grow professionally in this field. Although I wanted to become a philosophy teacher, I realized that libraries leave more room for learning than the classroom. That’s why my main focus when working in libraries or training professionals is around lifelong learning and self learning. 

I hope to study a Master’s in LIS but it has been hard. Once you are in this field you have to commit and aim for the continuous training and preparation for the sake of your community.

What does one have to be to become a Knovvmad?

Having a curious mind and a yearning to learn is key in being a Knovvmad. While our workplace might be anywhere, libraries are our main place to be, it is where we get  inspired and engage with others. 

Do you foresee any challenges this year at Knovvmads/in libraries?

I foresee adaptability and change as the key challenges for libraries. Some have been very comfortable with the usual rhythm of the institution but it has been more demanding than ever. We must look forward to and create a future that includes us all. As some professionals are retiring, the new generations have to change the narrative we’ve been telling in order to reach out for more people and widen our services. We can’t do this on our own. Our actions must be heard and acknowledged by the community but especially by authorities and government. I think Knovvmads has a role in sharing those stories and making our voices heard.

Thank You, Alejandra. We can’t wait to experience the content you’ve been gently curating. 

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