About us


We are a multidisciplinary team of Knovvmads who’s work spans the Atlantic, bridging the United States and Europe. A bit about our story: 

It all started back in 2012 when we decided to create a magazine for libraries and librarians. In July of 2012 the first issue of Infobibliotecas Magazine was distributed in Spain. After 8 wonderful years we decided to gather all the learnings and create Knovvmads

Knovvmads is born of the desire to broaden horizons, but with a defined course. The greater the uncertainty of our time, the more important it is to secure our sails for the success of our expedition.

Knovvmads notable origins allay all fears. It is built on Infobiblioteca’s transformative success in the field of library services over the better part of two decades in Spain. We are expert innovators of library services and digital asset distribution and management, who love libraries, their stories and histories. 

Infobiblioteca’s magazine revitalized the European library world with a new proposal, adapted to contemporary times and modern sensibilities. It was enthusiastically received by the librarian’s guild. Forward thinking professionals actively engaged in reinventing the sector turned it into the most coveted venue in which to display their most forward thinking proposals. 

Knovvmads transfers contrasted formula to the United States. Speaking of libraries in the Twenty-First Century shouldn’t be done in an old format. For this reason, we are betting on a different esthetic. If one wishes to propose a new concept of library, it cannot be done as it was a moment ago. The layout and visual impact of the proposal must mark a difference from onset. But, what is most important: the quality of the content.

It’s a matter of positioning libraries as social and cultural centers, on the same level as other cultural industries. If library’s spaces, services, professionals, users, products and offerings have adapted to new needs, the means need reflect this new reality and be on par.

It’s possible the differences in environment and circumstances separating an information professional in Wisconsin from one in Madrid or Florence may appear numerous. However, on close examination the differences disappear. We move with a singular objective: inquire with diligent veracity about the arena in which we function. At Knovvmads, as nomads of knowledge, we have a great advantage:

The benefit of contemplating the horizon from a privileged vantage point, the library.

If you would like to contact our CEO, David Padilla, or our Chief Director, we would like to hear from you.