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A City with Cultural Charm: Austin, TX

This city in Texas has been recognized as the best city to live in the US for the last 3 years. The ranking considers affordability, economic well being as well as quality of education, health and life. When looking through it, one realizes that Austin’s financial facet propels the cultural value of the city. 

In spite of the economic data, one might still wonder what makes this city so special? EVERYTHING. The city has grown enough to fit everybody and give them opportunities to thrive and enjoy life. Some inequality persists but programs are being developed to address that matter. One of the most recent changes made in favour of people experiencing homelessness was lifting a 25 year old ban on public sleeping along with a new homeless shelter in South Austin.

Mostly due to the magnificent University of Texas at Austin, the population is mainly composed by young and middle adults. Some of them are either students or professors but also CEO’s of the start ups and companies based in the city. This has shaped the local amenities and service while keeping some traditions.

Ever since it emerged in the national music scene, live music has been the distinctive feature of the city. With many music festivals covering almost every single taste, it’s no surprise that it’s often called the “The Live Music Capital of the World”. There are almost 40 festivals organized yearly in the coolest city of the United States. However, even before the raise of outdoors festival, the Austin City Limits tv program already made a huge impact in the scene. Some years later it inspired the much adored Austin City Limits Music Festival usually held in October.

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