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360 stories: miles to go from your own seat

360 stories: miles to go from your own seat

While Jules Verne books are mainly adventure, travel is often the underlying concept. This visionary writer thought of going deep in the Earth and all the way to the Moon with machines way ahead of his time. He was in fact interested in technology and its development. It’s no surprise to consider Verne’s impact on human imagination. Although not every single machine conceived in his works would actually work, they have sparked the light of a possibility to impulse human adventure.

In conversation with Albert Poghosyan, CEO at 360 stories, he explains the Virtual Reality tours using a common experience: reading. “When you read a book, you step into that world through your mind and really enjoy it”. While books are the perfect device for getting the armchair traveler across universes, ages and minds, 360 stories lets you travel to a different latitude in the present time. […]

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